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Instructions for hair implant and effective recovery

A hair implant procedure will give you the opportunity to regain your self-esteem and enjoy having healthy, natural, thick hair again. Nowadays, these procedures are advanced, way more efficient, less painful and need significantly less recovery time than the surgeries in the past. Still, there are things you need to know in order to better […]


Tips for a successful hair implant

It is already well known that the hair implant is the most effective solution for treating alopecia, regardless of its causes. For people who have confidence issues due to hair loss, a successful implant can be life-changing. But for the result to be as natural and pleasant as possible, not only the intervention is important, […]


FUE Technique: Gives back the beauty of capillary mane with the most modern procedures

Hair loss is a problem many persons, men and women alike are facing. The causes are multiple and from a certain point, the attempt to treat them by nutrition or application of certain products can become useless, without results. The good news is that technology is fast evolving and proposes efficient solutions by which this […]


The ideal age for hair implant

The demand of hair transplant surgeries is on the increase. The teenagers aged 16-17 years old resort to the hair transplant clinics because their hair falls, on the other hand, persons aged over 70 also request this surgery. ​ ​For whom can the hair transplant be made and for whom it cannot? For what age […]


Is hair implant painful? What does this intervention involve?

If you consider having a hair implant, you certainly have many questions and fears. For many people the thought that the intervention is painful represents an obstacle, for this reason they give it up and give up the chance to have an improvement of physical appearance. In the next lines, we proposed to discover whether […]


Recovery after hair implant

Stress, difficult living conditions, not respecting the sleep hours and unhealthy food habits, when they are combined with genetic factors, cause the hair loss of many people. The hair transplant is the most efficient method of handling this problem and also influences directly the social life and self-confidence.                However, we have to get aware […]


Hair loss: factors and methods of treatment

Dr. Amalia Anghel, Primary Physician Dermatovenereology in Skinmed Clinic, Centre of Excellence in Dermatology Bucharest presents us the causes of hair loss and what we can do to improve/stop this unwanted phenomenon. The main factors of hair loss Age. With aging, hair becomes thinner, more friable and we can note also a thinning of hairs. […]


Alopecia, hair loss or baldness

ALOPECIA, hair loss or baldness is a dermatological disorder of hair follicles. It is encountered both in women and men and can be associated with the existence of certain hereditary factors, the hormonal changes specific to age or other physiological conditions (for example, pregnancy) or medical conditions, with the presence of disorders or with certain […]


Laser Therapy with nanosomal particles

Laser Therapy with nanosomal particles is a new treatment applied in reputable clinics all over the world, based on studies performed in research centres focused on capillary pathology, and has anti-inflammatory properties and capillary recovery. The laser used has 272 diodes, the maximum number possible for a laser machine. Nanosomes are nanoparticles capable of crossing […]


Advanced mesotherapy

Advanced mesotherapy based on a combination of biomimetic peptides, vitamins and minerals, coenzymes, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, antioxidants has exceptional results on the resistance and revitalization of hair. The capillary mesotherapy is a biostimulative treatment which has as result the biological activation of capillary cells and the growth of hair volume, hair brightness and hair […]


Products based on nanoxidil 5%

An alternative way superior to Minoxidil 5% represents the products based on Nanoxidil 5%, a component with low molecular weight, with high efficiency and without adverse effects on the skin. The clinical trials highlight the increased capacity to penetrate the cell, having as result the growth of hair and stopping of hair loss. Nanoxidil optimizes […]

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