FUE hair implant

Fue Manual Ultimate

In our clinic we use exclusively the method FUE MANUAL ULTIMATE, which involves the manual extraction of grafts without using motorized devices and the implantation with state-of-the-art LION implantators. Unlike the other methods, FUE ULTIMATE is differentiated by the natural result with the help of implantators and the lack of lesions in donating area caused by the motorized devices. This manual method is more costly than the other surgical alternatives but has much more benefits for the patient from the point of view of result. Two of the multiple benefits are very important:

  • Preservation of donating area for future extractions and the absence of scars
  • Natural result of implant

(the hair implant Fue vs. inferior methods which use the circular scalpel, the grafts are introduced by pincers and cannot be implanted at the natural angles of the hairs as in Fue method)

Medical treatment: in the clinic Bucharest Hair Institute we collaborate with pharmacies and manufacturers from USA, London and Barcelona who produce in own laboratories by using advanced technologies and the most skilled professionals in the field, medicines and pharmacological solutions for capillary restoration. We use the best medicines, shampoos, solutions and gels that exist on world market for fighting against alopecia and for the hair restoration.


  • Non-surgical and non-hormonal treatments are efficient and help in the capillary recovery before and after the hair implant
  • The types of treatments used are innovative and are used in few clinics at world level
  • PRF (PRP enriched with leucocytes)
  • Injections with double-centrifuged stem cells
  • Capillary carboxytherapy (intradermic injections of CO2 for capillary vasodilatation)
  • Transdermal biostimulation (active principles which use nanotechnology for over 90% absorption) 
  • Treatments prepared in international laboratories with formulas based on nanotechnology

In the clinic we use premium products worldwide:

Chelidon, Complidermol, Fagron, Iraltone, Pilexil, Pilopeptan, Regoxidil, Triconails Kaedum
As well as alternatives to minoxidil such as TrichoXidil, a phytocomplex with extracts from vegetable oils with visible results in 90 days and products with nanominoxidil (contains nanospheres of minoxidil that have a much higher penetration capacity than simple minoxidil)

A friendly team at your disposal!

Doctors dedicated to hair treatments

Dr Moculescu Cosmin

Plastic surgery, experience of over 8 years in capillary implant, over 3000 operated cases, collaborator and guest in renowned clinics including HC MARBELLA INTERNACIONAL, WESTONMEDSPA FLORIDA

Dr. Amalia-Elena Anghel

Excellence in dermatology, dermatoscopy, dermatological surgery, lasers in dermatology, dermatocosmetology, trichoscopy (video-dermascopy of the scalp); lecturer/trainer dermatoscopy and medical aesthetics courses; member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, International Dermoscopy Society, International Society for Dermatologic Surgery, International Peeling Society, Romanian Society of Dermatology, Association of Anti-Ageing Medicine, Romanian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Oana Spanu

Renowned dermatologist with extensive experience in innovative hair treatments. Principal investigator and coordinator of clinical studies for products from France and Germany, collaborator and guest in clinics in Paris and Hamburg.

Dr. Simion Răzvan

Plastic surgery specialized in hair implant

Dr Stanciu Viorica

Dermatology experience in complex hair treatments

Dr. Condrat Carmen

Dermatology specialist