Hair implant prices

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Nonsurgical treatments

LASER LED-LLLT (Low level light therapy) session
Antiandrogenic mesotherapy (session)
PRF (platelet rich fibrin)
Double centrifuged stem cells
Intracapillary carboxytherapy (the price varies depending on the capillary area requiring treatment)
Biotin mesotherapy 3 sessions
Mesotherapy combined with PRP 4 sessions

Surgical treatment

The price differs depending on various factors: the area to be implanted, the quality of the donor area, the number of grafts required.
---------------------------------------------------- FUE manual ultimate

FUE MANUAL ULTIMATE is an exclusively manual surgical technique, the extraction of the threads being done only manually and the implantation with the latest generation implanters. Thanks to this technique, the survival rate of implanted wires is over 95%. The advantages are multiple and clearly superior, being placed first in the ranking of hair implant surgeries.
Ultimate manual FUE

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