Hair treatments

Non-surgical treatment options

In Bucharest Hair Institute Clinic, our team of dermatologists and hair specialists, will receive you for medical examination and will advise you about the best treatment plan to fight against hair loss.

Capillary antiaging

In our clinic we use products customized-made in reputable international laboratories for the treatment of various hair disorders.

Capillary carboxytherapy

It is a new mesotherapeutical treatment which is made by subcutaneous infiltrations of co2. Carboxytherapy is a major capillary vasodilator, privileges the formation of elastin and collagen, increases the oxygenation of the tissue, stops the hair loss and helps form new vessels.

Stem cells

The stem cells are the main cells which form all the tissues and organs with various functions in our body. The stem cell has abilities of forming new stem cells by split-off, formation of cells with completely different functions and repair of deteriorated tissues.

Stem cell is used in the treatment of capillary pathology for the potential of these cells for stimulation and maintenance of hair growth.

Advanced capillary mesotherapy

The new mesotherapy procedure uses compounds of biopeptides acting directly on the hair bulb, is enriched with vitamins and minerals activating the growth cycle of the hair, it is unique in the composition produced by biotechnology.

PRF= platelet rich fibrin

It is a plasmatic concentrate with a much superior efficiency to prp, which contains proteins, platelets, growth factors such as pdgf (platelet-derived growth factor), tgf beta (transforming growth factor beta) and vegf (vascular endothelial growth factor).

LASER LED-LLLT therapy (Low level light therapy)

Laser lllt combined with nanosomal substances – laser therapy with nanosomes is the most advanced laser technique for the capillary treatment which combines laser with low frequency with 272 diodes with nanosomal substances produced by biotechnology, capable of penetrating the skin up to levels which were inaccessible so far, and to gradually release substances for hair growth in a controlled way.

Intradermic anti-androgens

By the laser therapy lllt it produces a subcutaneous vasodilatation which allows for a multiplied absorption of anti-androgenetic substances locally applied


  • We are a complete clinic based on international experience
  • Avantgarde technology and therapeutical protocols developed with medical centres of reference in hair implant
  • Hair implant by fue ultimate manual technique does not leave scars, preserves the donating area and has natural results at maximal density
  • Hair implant by fue ultimate manual technique is not painful
  • The products used in our clinic are premium class, tested by clinical trials, innovative with exceptional results in the treatment of capillary disorders
  • We collaborate with renowned clinics from europe and usa, and are permanently in contact with the latest technological novelties in hair implant

In our clinic, we use avantgarde products for hair growth: nanoxidil (nanosomic particles of minoxidil with an action much more superior to minoxidil), organic alternatives to minoxidil with similar actions as minoxidil.

Premium capillary products made by biotechnology
Custom-made products in exclusive pharmacies from europe

A friendly team at your disposal!

Doctors dedicated to hair treatments

Dr Moculescu Cosmin

Plastic surgery, experience of over 8 years in capillary implant, over 3000 operated cases, collaborator and guest in renowned clinics including HC MARBELLA INTERNACIONAL, WESTONMEDSPA FLORIDA

Dr. Amalia-Elena Anghel

Excellence in dermatology, dermatoscopy, dermatological surgery, lasers in dermatology, dermatocosmetology, trichoscopy (video-dermascopy of the scalp); lecturer/trainer dermatoscopy and medical aesthetics courses; member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, International Dermoscopy Society, International Society for Dermatologic Surgery, International Peeling Society, Romanian Society of Dermatology, Association of Anti-Ageing Medicine, Romanian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Oana Spanu

Renowned dermatologist with extensive experience in innovative hair treatments. Principal investigator and coordinator of clinical studies for products from France and Germany, collaborator and guest in clinics in Paris and Hamburg.

Dr. Simion Răzvan

Plastic surgery specialized in hair implant

Dr Stanciu Viorica

Dermatology experience in complex hair treatments

Dr. Condrat Carmen

Dermatology specialist