Is hair implant painful? What does this intervention involve?


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If you consider having a hair implant, you certainly have many questions and fears. For many people the thought that the intervention is painful represents an obstacle, for this reason they give it up and give up the chance to have an improvement of physical appearance. In the next lines, we proposed to discover whether the hair implant is painful, what the risks and benefits of a hair implant are, but also what the FUE technique involves.

Does the hair implant hurt?

This is the first question specialists hear from patients and the first dilemma which they want to clarify. The hair implant intervention made by FUE technique is minimum-invasive, it is made with local anaesthesia, that is why the patients do not feel any pain during the procedure. The extraction of hair follicles is done manually and the implantation is made with the state-of-the-art equipment. Both stages, when they are performed by specialists with wide experience in the field, are gently felt even by the persons with a low degree of tolerance to pain.

The specialists draw your attention that many patients can feel a certain degree of discomfort in the days that follow the hair implant intervention, but this condition is normal and does not prevent the resumption of daily routine. With correct care, the patients should not feel any post-implant pain.

The risks and advantages of hair implant
The hair implant technique FUE has minimum risks on the patient, but even if it is a minimum-invasive procedure, there could be small bleedings of the scalp. Another discomfort could be caused by the inflammation of the scalp in the areas where the hair follicles were collected from and in the areas where they were implanted. The healing process can generate itching and inaesthetic crusts may form in the next days.

The advantages of the hair implant are conspicuous, the hair follicles resume their functions, by generating healthy hairs in the areas with problems. The effects of hair implant made by FUE technique are visible in 9-10 months from the intervention, but are lasting. Another advantage related to the high efficiency of the procedure. The statistics show that 95% of the hair follicles implanted by this method survive and generate healthy hairs. A successful hair implant allows for the growth of hairs with natural appearance.

What does the FUE implant technique involve?
The hair implant technique FUE – extraction of follicle units – involves the extraction of active hair follicles from the nape of neck area and their implantation in problematic areas. Practically, these are two stages, the first stage is done manually and the second one, for maximum precision and higher efficiency, is performed with state-of-the-art equipment. In only one intervention we can make a transplant from 700 to 3,000 hair follicles.

As we mentioned, the results are visible in about one year after the intervention, the hair follicles go into a rest period in the immediate period, but the later effects are final, the areas without hair are remedied.

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