Laser Therapy with nanosomal particles


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Laser Therapy with nanosomal particles is a new treatment applied in reputable clinics all over the world, based on studies performed in research centres focused on capillary pathology, and has anti-inflammatory properties and capillary recovery. The laser used has 272 diodes, the maximum number possible for a laser machine.

Nanosomes are nanoparticles capable of crossing and penetrating the skin up to levels that were inaccessible so far. The main action consists of gradual and controlled release of active principles at skin level. This therapy lasts minimum 4 months and is administered in sessions of 45 minutes each with a proportional frequency with each particular case.


  • It is recommended for men and women alike
  • It has good results in diffuse alopecia and effluvium telogen cases
  • In post-hair implant it has regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects

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