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Stress, difficult living conditions, not respecting the sleep hours and unhealthy food habits, when they are combined with genetic factors, cause the hair loss of many people. The hair transplant is the most efficient method of handling this problem and also influences directly the social life and self-confidence.
               However, we have to get aware that the hair transplant is a long process which consists of three major stages – preparation before the hair implant procedure, the surgery itself and post-implant. The last stage – post hair implant – is very important because the responsible action and respect of surgeon advice have a direct impact on the procedure success. The patient has to continue the communication with the doctor after the surgery and avoid any activity/habit that can negatively affect the long-expected result.
            In the recovery stage after the hair implant, the doctors will prescribe medicines in order to prevent potential disorders and fight against the risks. The hair must not be washed in the first 3 days after the intervention because of risks of infection and slight detachment of hair follicles. Then, you have to use the medical shampoos recommended.
You must not use hot water and must not apply a water jet with pressure on the scalp. The hair dryers are prohibited in the first month for the scalp area implanted. The excessive exposure to the sun must be avoided. Another very important issue in the recovery stage is the avoidance of smoking because it causes adverse effects by inhibition of sufficient oxygenation of freshly transplanted hairs. We recommend avoiding the consumption of alcohol for at least 15 days, because it delays the healing of wounds.

              The solar, swimming pool and sauna are absolutely prohibited for 1 month. We recommend avoiding the cardiac exercises for at least 15 days, because they cause abundant perspiration which increases the risk of infection. The patients have to sleep in the correct positions according to the doctor’s instructions for 7 days after the surgery. After the surgery you must avoid brutal mechanical actions on the transplant area and the accidental impact on the transplant area.
              Nutrition is a critical factor for strengthening the hair follicles. Therefore, we can speculate that the intense use of certain vitamins can contribute to an optimal result of the hair transplant surgery. The complex of vitamins E, C, A and B has effects on the health of hair. Vitamin B is recommended to be used after the hair transplant. The patients are advised to eat food rich in iron, because they strengthen the immune system and accelerate healing. Zinc is also one of the substances recommended to be used after the hair transplant surgery because of its strong effect on the synthesis of collagen tissue and the hormonal homeostasis.
            The hair transplant surgery is an extremely minutious minimum-invasive surgery. The donating area heals very fast, in about 24 hours, but the numbness or pruritus feeling can appear in the first few days. The transplant area will be sometimes covered by small crusts which will fall or will be removed by the doctor after about 7 days.



              The transplant area will be red in the first 15 days after the hair transplant surgery. The hair will grow and will have a natural appearance. In the period between the third week and the eighth week, the transplanted hair will fall in a variable proportion – an absolutely natural phenomenon.

              Starting with the third month, the hair will start to grow, and since the sixth month, visible changes will appear because the hairs will thicken and the scalp will get the expected appearance.

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