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The demand of hair transplant surgeries is on the increase. The teenagers aged 16-17 years old resort to the hair transplant clinics because their hair falls, on the other hand, persons aged over 70 also request this surgery. ​

​For whom can the hair transplant be made and for whom it cannot? For what age period does hair transplant give the best results? Is age important in hair transplant?

​The answers to these questions vary from one situation to another and from one person to another. In some cases, the age of person becomes the main factor which affects the success of hair transplant. For example, if a 10-year-old child has lost hair because of an accident or a disease and alopecia has appeared, a hair transplant surgery must be evaluated.

The needs and physical characteristics of each person vary from case to case. For this reason, the individual examinations are performed by specialist physicians ​ from the clinics of profile, who examine the degree of alopecia, the condition of the affected area, the degree of health of hair follicles from the donating area. Following this examination, they can make the correct decision about the person in question.

What age is the most suitable for the hair transplant surgery? ​

​The research shows that on average, the age of 40 years old for men is the best period for hair transplant because around this age ​those who suffer from alopecia arrive at the ”final form” of disorder, when it is considered that the hair loss has ceased. For these reasons, the probability of a successful hair transplant increases after the cessation of hair loss. In spite of this kind of information, the answer regarding the ideal age for this kind of intervention is not certain. The physical structure and the psychological features of each person are different, therefore the decision must be made based on a specialized medical examination.

The ordinary age limits for hair implant are between 18 and 65 years of age. It is not ethically correct for persons below 18 years old have a plastic surgery and it is not desirable. In addition, for persons below 18 years old to undergo a hair transplant, the parents are asked for permission in writing. On the other hand, at 65 years old the living hair cells are very reduced. Therefore, as a result of decrease of hair cells which maintain their viability, we cannot transplant enough hair in the alopecia area. For this reason, the probability of success of hair transplant is reduced. In spite of this information, the age limit for obtaining the hair transplant cannot be mentioned. The hair transplant can be made at persons out of this age interval in case of mandatory needs.

Does transplanted hair fall because of age?
​The research has shown that the implanted hair after a surgery does not fall. The age or the gender of patient cannot be considered factors in fall of transplanted hair but, it is noteworthy the appearance of natural fall of native hair which continues up to 40 years old. If the hair transplant was made at a tender age, and the hair loss has not stopped yet, it is necessary to apply treatments for the delay of hair loss. For this reason, before having a hair transplant, we have to establish the status of alopecia and the decisive factors.

Is age important in the growth of transplanted hair?
As far as we age, we notice slowing down of cell regeneration processes, which affects all the types of ​healing processes, including in hair transplant. The weakening of hair follicles with age is transposed in a longer recovery time. For this reason, it is likely that we do not obtain a successful result. However, the physical condition of patients can vary a lot, the hair follicles can be healthy, in spite of advanced age. The persons with healthy hair roots must not worry about the age because the success rate of these persons in hair implant procedures is high.

Does age limit change according to the hair transplant techniques?
The differences between the hair transplant techniques ​do not change the age limit of hair transplant. The hair transplant can be made to anyone and by any method if the hair transplant area is suitable and the follicles in donating area are healthy.

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